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Freediving is a sport of well-being par excellence, offering freedom underwater and an unparalleled interaction with fishes. It also teaches us, even if it may seem paradoxical, to breathe better.

The Azores are the perfect destination for those who wish to enjoy natural vacation, far from mass tourism. The quality of the diving sites, the abundance of fish and the multicolored flora make the archipelago the ideal destination for the snorkeler and the freediver explorer.


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Freediving will reveal to the snorkeler the true colors of the fauna and flora while discovering the joys of weightlessness. Thus immersed and relaxed, the snorkeler will live a more intense moment surrounded by fish.

The scuba diver will be won over by the comfort and lightness of this discipline and will improve both air management and stability during future dives.

The Azores

The water temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius (= 68 to 77°F) and the visibility is over 30 meters. This is the perfect environment for free diving exploration.

Barracudas, parrot fish, groupers, amberjacks, palomines surprise you in the heart of splendid volcanic landscapes.

Because they are also dotted with tunnels, arches, caves & canyons, our sites are an opportunity to further apply your knowledge while practicing a fun & playful apnea!

"Note that a good physical condition is required here because of the current and the waves often present.

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice when preparing your trip."


To practice apnea in the Azores is to fall back into childhood!

I discovered the Azores in 2020 during a sailing cruise. It is an archipelago that I had been attracted to for several years because of its natural beauty, its extraordinary marine creatures, all this away from mass tourism, but also for its extraordinary marine creatures. It is on the island of Santa Maria that I have established my freediving center, the most southern and sunniest of the islands.

Ondine Dispagne Apnée Açores

For me, this is the best island for freediving exploration because the fauna and flora are extremely rich. The geological formations make it a remarkable playground. Most of the sites are accessible to all levels of freediving, even to beginners. As for Ambrosio and its mobulas rays, it is only 30 minutes by boat from the marina.

I can't wait to take you to discover the sunken treasures of the Azores!

- Ondine, your instructor & guide.


Impending immersion !